About SoCal PreApprenticeship
Bridging the gap between public sector, employers, and disadvantaged workers.

About SoCal PreApprenticeship

SoCal Pre Apprenticeship is designed to prepare workers for the minimum requirements for entry into an established apprenticeship program. By reaching into high schools, probation departments, parole offices and community-based organizations. SoCal Pre Apprenticeship program helps to diversify the talent pipeline of skilled workers and expand opportunities for traditionally underserved communities.

SoCal Pre Apprenticeship was developed to provide academic knowledge and skills training tailored to specific occupations for a variety of industries California has long nurtured the development of cutting-edge, knowledge-intensive industries that need skilled workers in entry-level jobs.

SoCal Pre Apprenticeship improves reading, writing, and math skills necessary to qualify for an apprenticeship program; and/or offers classroom instruction and job training which guides a student to a registered apprentice occupation.

Supportive Services:

• Tools and Computers

• Wi-Fi Access

• Housing Support

• Basic Needs – Clothing/Food/Toiletries

• Childcare – While in class o Transportation – bus passes / gas vouchers / car repairs

• Case Management

• Digital Literacy

• Mental Health Support

• Materials