About SoCal Pre-Apprenticeship
Bridging the gap between public sector, employers, and disadvantaged workers.

About SoCal Pre-Apprenticeship

Pre-apprenticeship is designed to prepare workers for the minimum requirements for entry into an established apprenticeship program. By reaching into high schools, pre-apprenticeship programs help to diversify the talent pipeline of skilled workers and expand opportunities for traditionally underserved communities.

Pre-apprenticeship is being developed to provide academic knowledge and skills training tailored to specific occupations for a variety of industries that need skilled workers in entry-level jobs: health care, information technology, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail.

Educators often use pre-apprenticeship to describe an articulated and integrated educational program that provides information to students regarding apprenticeship programs; improves reading, writing, and math skills necessary to qualify for an apprenticeship program; and/or offers classroom instruction and job training which guides a student to a registered apprenticeable occupation.

How do I start?

The following link will take you to the application form, fill-out the required information and submit the form, we’ll carefully review each application and will contact you accordingly for the next step.